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Tips 1st October

Tips 1st October

Alright guys I just want to make it clear again these are just my tips that I will be backing today to make a profit, you do not have to pay at any point. I have been having a bit of trouble with the email system so if you have entered your email into the main page and havn’t gotten an email yet that’s why. If you havn’t entered your email yet go do it now!

For the month of September with equal stakes on every tips here are my results are a strike rate of 37% and  POT of 78%.


Bendigo 1 – Constant Justice

Bendigo 1 – Equindant $13

Bendigo 3 – Comeback $4 – Best Bet

Bendigo 4 – Sauternes $6

Bendigo 5 – Petite’s Reward $3.30

Wyong 1 – Misty Lights $3.20

Wyong 2 – Lil Lucky $1.60

                  Hay Presto (0.5 Units) $4

Wyong 3 – Fortune Patch $4
If you click the horse it’ll take you to the site where you can find the odds offered and a nice juicy bonus bet! Do you have to sign up of course not! I personally have been with every bookie just to get a bonus bet then I mainly use Betfair.

There are some new guys on the block, Madbookie .Are they the best bookie out there? Not Really. However there $50 into $200 bonus offer is decent. They do process withdrawals daily, you can breakdown the bonus however you want and they’re Aussie owned. They won’t be our long term bookmaker but for now let’s take there bonus offers make some money and move on to the next one!



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