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Weekend Washup 20/2

Chataqua was breathtaking

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Results have not been good for backers over the past 1-2 weeks but I’ve sent an email out to followers to remain patient remember that followers have had long term success with the tips. November posted a small loss but besides that have had good profit the last 6 months. Now to the racing.

The Protest

What an absolute stitch up that was, I wasn’t on Palentino personally but to those who backed him and didn’t get a slice of the protest payout I feel for you. Most people watching the race thought there was no chance that the protest was upheld but low and behold racing has found a new way to completely dumbfounded its customers and uphold the protest. When will this bullshit all stop and punters be given a fair go.

What a Bullshit Protest


Silver Slipper

In the end Astern was the comfortable winner in the G2 Silver Slipper, but how much merit was there to his win? I’m not knocking the horse because when Defcon come at him he kicked away but he did get a very comfortable run up front and I was hoping for a bit tougher a run because I want to know how he is going to react in that acid test but it is not yet to be. I thought Mount Panorama who finally struck a dry track only to miss the start and be 10 lengths last out of the gate did well to run on for third. Jury is still out on Defcon.

Chataqua prevails as Oli stuffs up

I’m surprised Oliver hasn’t copped more of a spray for his ride on Terravista. I would say without a doubt him dropping the whip lead to Terravista losing this race, not exactly bad tactics by the jock but they’ve copped a spray from punters for a lot less before. I thought Chataqua was amazing reeling off scintillating last splits and Japonisme who looked to peak on his run only to come back at the quinella pair also went very well. He proved his run in the Coolmore was no fluke, his opponent in the Coolmore Exosphere still has question marks above his name however. Exosphere was on the wrong part of the track and without cover and that cost him lengths, John O’shea has said they won’t go to the Newmarket with him and back in Sydney around the bend in the T.J Smith I will personally take whatever odds they throw up because I’m sure by know they will be putting up overs.




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