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Early Overs 11th June Stradbroke Day


Topbetta’s 25ok Brisbane Carnival Tournament


Saturday marks the final day of Topbetta’s Brisbane Carnival Tournament with $250K prize money. The leader at the moment only has around $600,000 Bettabucks so anyone is in with a chance to take top spot and the $100,000 first place prize with them. It could literally be life changing winning that top prize and with the entry fee only $110 i doubt you will ever get such good value for money punting wise ever again. Such a large prize pool also means that contestants will get paid down to about the 100th place so it won’t take much to win your money back anyway.

Sign Up and use the code DB100, this means a $50 deposit will get you $100 in bonus bets plus a $23 tournament ticket, or use DB500 and a $500 deposit will get you a matched bonus of $500 plus a $110 tournament ticket into the final day of the Brisbane Carnival


Early Overs

Randwick Race 1 – Gibraltar Girl $5.50

Randwick Race 2 – Seeking Asylum $10

Randwick Race 8 Oxform Poet $6.50

Flemington Race 4 – Lady Espirit $6



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